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This is a list of organizations, record labels, on-line distributors of music and friends/artists. Their attention to detail and dedication to their work has been an inspiration to me and provided me with new tools and information that were very helpful in extending the scope of my work.

- Gil Medovoy

EthnoCloud - a website for World Music - My favorite online music station.


music CDs, musicians, recordings, instruments, and more - one of my favorite Turkish musicians. Her music is daring, innovative and full of passion - Contemporary and vintage recordings focusing on Cretan Folk Music. The BEST place to discover great Cretan music. - An excellent source for contemporary and some vintage recordings with a focus on Turkish music. - Another excellent independent source for Traditional Music with a focus on Central Asia. - An old time favorite record label. Some of the finest Vintage recordings (Tanburi Cemil Bey's recordings are a MUST) you'll ever find! - A GREAT resource on Pontic Music by a very  accomplished musician based in Canada. - A Turkish Record label, very active with amazing musical offerings. The site is available in English. - a unique Dance Ensemble

One of the most amazing voices of Spain and a performer you DON"T want to miss!

The music critics in Spain have given him the status of the great singer of the Catalan region.

Vesc, SL - Lluís Puig
C. Montserrat, 123
08221 Terrassa
Tel. +34 937 899 151
Fax +34 937 899 152 - The founder of HABRERA HATIVIT. The most important and the REAL pioneers of Traditional based music ensemble in Israel. Bringing together Moroccan, Persian & Indian with some Western musical sensibilities.


Reem Kelani’s new album,” Live at the Tabernacle" is an amazing achievement! I have followed Reem’s career since I came across her version of the Palestinian song “Dal’ouna”. Thirteen years later, this is still the finest version I have ever heard. This new album, finds Reem Kelani in top form!  The group of musicians on stage with Reem, created a magical space for Reem’s powerful voice and energy. Listening to the music and the background stories of each song transports the listeners to a distant place with it’s Joys and sorrows of simpler life. Reem and her group do take musical liberties to present their stories.

The connection to Middle Eastern Folk & Classical music is quite evident but as always with a warm blanket of Western Jazz tradition. Many musicians that I listened to often fail to reach their mark but these guys really pull as a tight unit.

In these days of digital “files/downloads” it is so refreshing to find musicians who care enough, in spite of cost, to present their music with a fitting and astatically pleasing package and informative liner notes.

After reviewing a significant number of recordings by Palestinian singers and performers, Reem Kelani, in my opinion, is the finest representative of Palestinian song and culture. - Very important Greek label to anyone interested in a good perspective on Traditional Greek Music. - An amazing musical instrument builder from Australia. - A wonderful Iraqi Oud player, based in New Mexico.

Philippe Gandiol, artist friend - Sensitive, glowing plein air paintings of California's Sacramento Valley and his homeland France. :Philippe Gandiol Web Site


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