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TimnaTal Music presents traditional world music from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Balkan region, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to an intimate live concert venue for the Davis and Sacramento area audience. TimnaTal brings a variety of outstanding musicians to its stage. Audiences are likely to hear Flamenco, East European Folk, Klezmer, Greek Rembetiko, Turkish Classical music and much, much more!

You can hear the music of these regions on a monthly radio show titled "Crossing Continents" hosted & produced by Gil Medovoy on KDVS on the 1st Sunday of every month from 10am-1pm on-line at:www.kdvs.org


$17 in advance (there is a 75 cent charge for online sales)

$20 at the door

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Timna-Tal Music  Presents…An Evening of Arabic Music with Faisal Zedan Trio

Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at 7pm

Village Homes Community Center

2661 Portage Bay East, Davis, CA. 95616

$17 in advance, $20 at the door

info: 530-867-1032

or email:  info@timnatalmusic.com


Dimitris is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in the Los Angeles area.  Since coming to LA, Dimitris' skills on oud, guitar and other stringed instruments have led him into a rich variety of performing and recording experiences. Dimitris has had the good fortune to receive training in both Western and Eastern musical systems.  His style is known as both soulful and original.  He currently studies with oudist Ustad Necati Celik from Istanbul, Turkey.

Some recent recording credits include:  lal meri - "lal meri", "O Samanos" Dionisis Savopoulo-Thanasis Papakonstantinou, "Huun Huur Tu" with Carmen Rizzo, "Vino" with Robi Draco Rosa, and "Jostejoo" with Mamak Khadem.  Dimitris also contributed music to Michael Apted's documentary The Power of the Game and is featured on the soundtrack of the film Clash of the Titans 2.

Dimitris has performed and toured throughout the world with artists such as A.R.Rahman, Axiom of Choice, Dionisis Savopoulos, Niyaz, Freddie Hubbard, Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Kevyn Lettau, Russell Ferrante and others.

He composes all the original music for his projects including 4 albums with Wahid, "Prana" with the trio, Prana and "Aphrodite Moves On" with his electric quartet, Babaghanoush.

An Evening with

   WAHID – Beyond Tradition

WAHID is a musical dialogue between Chris Wabich on frame drums and Dimitris Mahlis on oud, approaching composition and improvisation in a daring, genre-defying way.
Both in his compositions and playing, Greek-born Mahlis skillfully draws from Greek, Persian, Carnatic, and Western jazz traditions; in his hands, the Oud deftly transforms into a multi-dimensional stringed instrument echoing these traditions.

3 time Grammy nominee, Chris Wabich, created the world's first bass frame drum set specifically for Wahid.  His unique setup conveys an extraordinary undercurrent of rhythm and bass harmonic function allowing the duo to create new sonic potential.  
Together as Wahid, they create a sensitive language conveying the full-spectrum of human emotion and experience.


From Los Angeles, Chris Wabich is known as a versatile and original voice on the drumset. The variety of artists he works with reflects his diversity as both musician and producer.

His drumming is heard with Ludacris, Sting, Leonard Cohen, Stanley Jordan, Brian Johnson (AC/DC) Sheila E., Mark Murphy, the Zappa Family, Larry Koonse, Turkish superstar Omar Faruk, Boogsie Sharpe, Prog Rock legends Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Mike Hoffman (Tony Williams Lifetime), Richard Sinclair (Caravan).  

A few soundtracks include  "Malcolm in the Middle", "American Idol", "Better Homes and Gardens", and "Wild California" IMAX.

More recently, Chris has been arranging and producing projects including Billboard charting hits for Margo Rey/John Oats (of Hall and Oats), Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble, and the Beatles show, "Both".   

2016 launches a new CD of Chris' quintet, "Thelonious Monkey" followed by a series of intense production and songwriting for winning artists from "American Idol", "The Voice" and "So You Think You Can Dance".